Michal Domanski

Michal Domanski

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Getting sh*t done with networking.

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Michal Domanski - Your Introverted Networker
Michal Domanski - Your Introverted Networker

Growing your business?

  • You know you should build your professional network but you feel like a salesperson.
  • You’re sending your team to conferences but don’t get any ROI.
  • You’re not sure how to structure your expansion.

Hosting an event?

  • You want to have the best, inclusive networking experience at your event. For everyone - introverts included.
  • You need a speaker/host who will captivate the entire audience.
  • You want to make EVERY attendee active member of the community.

I make it all happen

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My Projects & Initiatives:


🤖  Masovian AI Fest - Warsaw Tech Events Series
🤝  ComeNetworkWith.US - Algorithmic Matchmaking

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You come to me and I connect the dots.