How to work with me manual

How to work with me manual

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There’s the dude out there, who can get your sh*t done.

Basics about me

Please imagine a really smart octopus. Managing one’s company, each tentacle engaged in a different department. That one is not going deep into one section of the business - but keeps tabs on everything. And when things happen, it’s able to jump to the right department straightaway.
Heard about Chief Operating Officers and Chiefs of Staff? BizOps? Yup, that’s what they are all about - making sure the whole business machine works with the sum of the whole being greater than its parts (or departments in this case I guess).
Got the image? Alright. Now dress that octopus up into the Iron-Man suit.
I want you to imagine yourself the Octopus Iron Man.
I like to call myself precisely that.
For some context - I value and identify with Iron Man for excelling at learning things on the get-go and coming up with solution in any context he’s needed. Not really into nihilism and alcoholism.
The whole my premise is to be that Wildcart person who can jump into everything and just get the stuff done.
But overall, there are two things that are the most important for me in the business:

Sharing knowledge and helping people grow.

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My value lies in:

Being the T-Shaped Generalist. Even though, most of my career has been connected with sales and management, there’s much more for me to offer. My knowledge of Business Analysis, UX, Product/Project Management, Finance and Operations, and tech makes me capable of jumping into most of topics that can arise. Also - when there’s no one who knows how to do stuff - people tend to come to me. Additionally - it seems I’m a quite efficient rubber duck to have a conversation with, bounce some ideas off.

What I look for

Mutual excitement and brain stimulation. Working together towards a common goal, while challenging each other and learning from the process. Not into handholding but creating a work environment for others to excel.


Personality Type - ENTP.
For many, one of life’s greatest challenges is to translate their wide-ranging intellectual energy into real-world achievements and contributions.
I tend to the Servant Leadership mindset (thus, despise micromanagement), focusing on providing a lot of autonomy along with mentoring and facilitating. My goal is to be your intellectual sparring partner, creating solutions out of our discussions and cooperation.
The need for a constant stimulation is strong within this one. I get bored with mundane, repetitive jobs and get excited while faced with new challenges. There’s no single scope of work for me. If there’s a problem to be solved, I’ll get it done.

Communication Preferences

  • I really DO enjoy offline meetings. I’d rather meet, catch up, settle everything. and get to work. Not really into online chatting. Thus…
  • … I’m a vocal supporter of the asynchronous work. Trying to cut on redundant online meetings and chatter.
  • Online meeting agenda is appreciated. Same as minutes afterward.
  • I don’t check all the communication channels constantly. Twice a day is the most optimal way.
  • Longer text forms over short ones.
  • Slack for daily communication.
  • Email for larger topics, business cases that need to leave a track. I tend to check it twice a day at best.
  • LinkedIn for any casual convo.
  • Phone is being used only for critical cases needing immediate response. Otherwise, it’s better to leave me a text message stating the subject and I’ll call back at the soonest convenience.

Working Hours

Standard working hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, CET Time Zone. Europe/Warsaw, Poland
Deep work&research times: 6:00 AM - 12:00 PM. - I’d rather use this time to work alone without distractions.
I’m up for evening meetings and engagements with a prior notice.