Founder-led Sales & GTM

Founder-led Sales & GTM

According to Y Combinator, a startup founder who does not sell puts the whole early stage venture at risk.
Lots of founders would rather focus on their product/service than talk with customers.
And that’s understandable.
But you need to push through the sales and I’m here to help you with that.
But why?
No one knows your startup better than you.
No one loves it as much as you do.
No one needs to hear the market feedback as much as you do.
So, I’m here for you. But not to get you a new batch of leads. I’m here for you to work this sales game together.
  • We’ll prepare and learn how to conduct the sales process,
  • You’ll receive guidance on networking and building relations,
  • We’ll be finding quick wins and unorthodox approaches,
  • I’ll make your startup ready for the first sales hire.
By working with me, you receive:
  • Interim Head of Sales to guide your organization’s growth,
  • Regular mentor sessions with action points, feedback, and learning materials,
  • Strategic workshops with your founding team,
  • A rubber duck you can vent your frustrations to,
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Source: SaaStr 2022 conference slide of Anu Hariharan (Managing Director, Y-Combinator)
Thanks, Anu, for spreading the word.
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